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Dec 31, 2022 | Carla VanSickle | 947 views
Amalgamation Proposal
During the last couple of months, representatives from Drayton Minor Hockey and Minto Minor Hockey have been meeting to discuss and collaborate the feasibility of the two hockey organizations amalgamating. 
The executive committee for both organizations has voted to take the process to the next step; that step being a vote from their memberships.  
You, our hockey families and bench staff, are the membership of Minto Minor Hockey. 


Important Dates:Thursday, January 12, 2023 - Town Hall Meeting at the Palmerston Arena at 7:00PM, all members are encouraged to attend to ask questions and respond to the proposed amalgamation.
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - Voting to accept/reject the proposal from 6:00PM - 8:00PM at the Palmerston Arena Wednesday, February 1, 2023 
- Voting to accept/reject the proposal from 6:00PM - 8:00PM at the Harriston Arena

All Minto Minor Hockey members should have received an email on December 31, 2022 with the details above as well as additional information regarding voting, who can vote and how the results are determined. If you have questions to be discussed at the Town Hall meeting, please email them in advance to [email protected]  and/or [email protected] and they will be forwarded to the amalgamation committee.  


Frequently asked Questions.


What will the new association be called?

If the vote is yes, we will be called Mapleton Minto Minor Hockey Association and a subcommittee will be created to handle the submission of ideas for team names and logos.  Anyone will be able to submit ideas for team names, logos, and colours and then we will pick the top choice.


Is the amalgamation happening automatically?

No. The decision of amalgamation is the responsibility of each voting member of both Drayton and Minto Minor Hockey.


How does amalgamation happen?

Once a general agreement (including by-laws, centre point and boundaries) in principal is reached then it must be taken back to each Board and approved, with or without amendments.

Once approved, the general agreement must be presented to both Associations in a special AGM to get members approval.

Both Drayton and Minto Minor Hockey Association must approve by a 2/3rds vote from their respective members to proceed with the amalgamation.


If the vote is no then what happens?

Minto and Drayton will carry on as they are now. The amalgamation will have to start over with talks from scratch.


If the vote is yes to amalgamate, when does it start?

We would officially amalgamate for the start of the 2023-2024 season.


Who can vote?

Its as per the organization constitution for Minto and Drayton

One vote is allowed per registered family for Drayton and one vote per member is for Minto. Voting is only available on the days that are posted for Amalgamation voting.


Where will my players have practice?

Throughout a season teams may have to rotate which arena they practice and have games at depending on the number of teams in an age division, each team might take turns playing in Drayton, Palmerston, and Harriston.


What if I am in a right of choice area according to the new centre point?

Right of choice will open for any member within the designated area to re-sign or leave the new organization. Once a right of choice player signs onto the organization they are considered a lifetime member.


What will the centre point be for the new organization?

The centre point will be Teviotdale (Hwy 7 and 109).  6770 Wellington County Road 109


How will the local and younger age group teams be made?

The aim is to provide a house league style hockey experience for U9 and under. With more players we would be able to form more teams and essentially play amongst our own teams with no need to travel. Those teams that wish to travel could organize exhibition games with other centres.


How will this change the teams that we play?

At the older age divisions, U11 through to U18, the amalgamated centre will most likely be designated a “B” centre as determined by the OMHA. This may mean travelling less or further for games and playoffs however it will also mean an enhanced hockey experience and competition by participating in a larger pool of teams. Players will be able to play at better matched skill levels. We would have more than 1 rep team for most age groups.  The “B” centre tier 1 and then we would have a 2nd entry team that would play in tier 2 or 3 depending on the teams.


Why amalgamate with our neighbouring centres?

As each centres demographics continue to change we’re looking for ways to offer the best solutions that will allow hockey to continue to thrive in our communities.  Amalgamation would help each association offer a hockey program that maximizes player development and fun in part by fielding teams comprised of players with consistent ability at every level. Amalgamations have been happening all around us, if we remain status quo Drayton (D centre), Minto (C centre) it may mean traveling longer distances to play similar centres.


Will the new centre have its own Board of Directors?

Yes, the amalgamated centre will have a Board comprised of an equitable number of Directors from each centre. (proposed to be a minimum requirement of 40% from each centre)


Will I be able to volunteer?

More volunteer resources – More volunteers to help with making the program better, VP of LL and Rep, player development and more committees to help the organization thrive.  


How will coaches be selected?

Initially coaches will be selected by a committee comprised of people from each centre, until such time the boards are completely integrated together.


How will rep teams be selected?

The teams will be selected by the Coach plus unbiased, independent evaluators. (Specified within the proposed new by-laws)


Will there be a fixed number of Players from each Association on each Rep team?

No, it is not realistic to set fixed player numbers from each Association. Player selection will be based on player numbers/ability/skill. This ensures consistency in talent/skill amongst selected player groups and provides for strong/competitive team structures that are fun and exciting to play within.


When will we find out if the Amalgamation is approved?

The proposed Amalgamation would be presented to the OMHA when all the requirements are completed to provide the best quality application


Why do you we need to vote this far in advance of fall 2023?

Due to all the requirements and expectations of the OMHA along with potential legal advice required by both associations to put forth a quality application, the amalgamation committee is seeking early approval from each membership to gauge the interest in going forward.


Will I get to play with my friends?


Rep teams will be a selection and you will make new friends that you will end up going to high school with, LL teams will be divided by the coaches committee and will take requests as per the constitution.


Pros vs. Cons.



With a larger pool of volunteers, the amalgamated association will be in a better position to undertake more initiatives, host larger tournaments, offer improved player and coach development programs, host OMHA Coach, Trainer, and other certification courses locally as a matter of convenience for the volunteer. 

More resources – 3 rinks to play and practice at within 20 min of each other.

Tournaments will not affect games or scheduling, give more time back.

More tiers to give player better options to play at proper skill levels.

Players stay in local minor hockey longer when they play at the appropriate level.

Players playing at the correct skill level increases development and fun. 

Most importantly children playing with peers that they will be going to school with at high school.



Players could be playing at different rinks than just their hometown.

Some players currently playing rep might move to a lower tier, but it would still be the equivalent of the rep we are playing now.

Opening to a bigger group of volunteers instead of a smaller organization.

Books would need to be reported as a non-profit organization with the bigger cash flow.

Doubling in size would result in some directional changes of a region instead of town.